Friday, September 10, 2010

Nothing much new to report...although I have a new swimming pool

We did manage to get back to Oklahoma for a few more weeks.  But Tom pinched a nerve in his neck and it still hadn't cooled down enough to really do much work on the containers.  However we did manage to contact the Septic guy and he's going to come out and put in the septic for us.  That is if it dries up, my sister in law and brother in law, Teri and Ronnie reported massive down pours which is how I ended up with a swimming pool.  The area Tom and Ronnie had dug up is now filled with lots and lots of rain water.  Ronnie took his ATV out and got some pics for us, since we are now back on the road and in Las Vegas picking up something for the musical Billy Elliot.  I asked Tom if maybe we should put some pontoons on the containers so that we can float if it rains again like this after we have the containers put where they need to be.

Here is a shot, taken by Ronnie of our 'swimming pool'.