Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Taking down the walls...

Now that we've gotten the roof completed and the door in along with two of the three windows, it's time to take down some walls to allow access to all three of the containers.  Tom started cutting through the container walls with a grinder, which worked all right but it was a lot of work.  Next they rented a huge grinder, which resembled a chain saw, that wasn't better, in fact it was worse.  It was extremely heavy and cumbersome to use. So while I was looking through the weekly sales papers I came across a "plasma cutter"...woo, thought I, this would be great for Tom to use instead of that horrible grinder. Of course, Tom, yeah, yeah, yeah'd me and continued with the grinder for a few more days before he gave in and got the plasma cutter.  By which time the sale was over with, but the people at Atwoods here in Oklahoma are great and gave it to us at the sale price from the week before.  Tom has to cut 15 min at a time, then break 15 min, but it's much less strain on the body and a much cleaner cut.


Leading to the Bedroom

Tom using the Plasma Cutter.


Tom and Ronnie put in two of my three windows, the last one will wait until they get to working on the kitchen area.  The one next to the door is where the dining area will be and the other looks into the livingroom. The livingroom window will open to the outside, while they will eventually build a screened room which will enclose the door and the smaller window. We are looking at a 10 x 15 or 10 x 20 screened room for that area.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Tom and Ronnie did a fantastic job getting the 2000 ft of pipe laid for the water.  The first backhoe was too small to dig very deep, so they sent it back and got a bigger one.  They worked extremely hard, long days,  up and down the hill, through huge and small rock in just a week. So we now have city water installed. The first well we had dug came out salty, the second came out dry, so this was our last option or spend the rest of our days picking up drinking water at the local Wally World, not something I prefer to do. 

 Tom and Ronnie putting in the cut-off switches.

Finishing touches down by the containers.
 These are some of the huge boulders they had to dig up all along the way.
This is the bottom of the hill that Tom and Ronnie had to dig down into in order to get the pipe laid at a certain depth to prevent freezing. I believe they went 18 inches down.