Sunday, November 20, 2011

Moving in....

We've gotten most of the things we have moved into the house. There are a few more things to do, organize the closet space, put the little things away, etc. But for the most part I am extremely happy with the way things look now.

We had temps down into the twenties outside, but the temperatures have remained steady inside, not once has it been below 60. We have used the pot-bellied stove a couple of times to ward off the chill which brings the temps up to around 72, very comfortable living in my humble opinion.

Here are the pics I promised...

The kitchen is completely finished. And as I'd noted in an earlier pic of the kitchen, there isn't as much space as there looks to be while everything is empty.  However, I do like that I don't have to cram everything into the cupboards, I can access the things I need regularly without have to pull out half a cabinet of stuff first.

View of the kitchen and dining area.

Our pot-bellied stove where the living room starts.

The window side of the living room.

Moving around to the back of the living room.

The back part of the living room, to the left of the image is the doorway which leads into the computer room, bedroom and bathroom.

This is the computer desk (before shot) that was custom built for me.

The after shot with all my geeky computer equipment in place. On the left is the lovely old bookcase I purchased from my friend Kathy West.
 This is the bathroom, all finished.

The shower area, not much has changed from the earlier pictures I posted, other than some carpeting and the addition of a shelf to hold my towels.

This last one is of Tom putting in the pipe for the pot-bellied stove.  We still have to add the siding to the outside front. But Tom has been busy doing odds and ends inside. Looking for studs for me so that I can hang my pictures, etc.