Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Roof, part 2...finally finished

It took us a while, but we finally have the roof finished.  We still intend to put gutters up but Tom would like to wait a bit and let the earth mounded up around the containers settle before putting those up. We've put insulation across the top of the containers under the roof to help with keeping the cold and heat out since it and the front are the areas most exposed to the elements. We had to contend with high winds and threatened thunderstorms. In order to finish the roof, we had to seal the rears/doors of the containers, so I helped Tom finish the roof while Ronnie worked on the front door so we could still get into the containers and at our equipment. Next we'll be bringing city water onto the property and up to the containers. We've rented a backhoe, which we hope will be able to dig down about 18 inches without us running into large rocks.

Tom waving hi to everyone.

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  1. When do you think outside will be completed. Can't wait for you to start inside!!