Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Bath

It's been slow going, the heat and humidity making it nearly impossible to work.  Tom and Ronnie have been working a few hours in the morning on most days. They are putting in the bathroom, the pipes for the water, the power, floor, connections for the washer/dryer and walls. They've also been working on sealing the floors and putting the sub flooring in, which they need to do before framing out the walls.


  1. Your Metal Mansion is coming along nicely! yes, the heat does play a factor in staying motivated for outdoor projects, but the personal satisfaction makes it all worthwhile as you look at the before, during and after photos!

  2. I've been watching for an update, Mary. This is looking good! What's with the 1x4 strapping on the walls only coming down a few feet? Is there a reason they don't come all the way to the bottom of the wall? The heat and humidity (especially the humidity) would slay me ... I'd be hiding in the a/c for sure. Sure don't know how you folks do it but TG the guys are persevering in spite of it. You'll get to live in that tin can yet. :D
    Cheers, Sue

  3. the strapping is 2x4's and the bottoms are already covered with drywall board... its green because it is water/mildew resistant

  4. Nice work... it's starting to really shape up. It's nice to see the fruits of your labor, isn't it? The Metal Mansion ~ I like that!