Monday, July 5, 2010

The Plan

My husband and I are so looking forward to getting started on this project.  We are starting with the floor plan that we worked on together.  I did a mock floor plan in Photoshop early this morning, then we sat down together and hammered (pun intended) out our differences.  Then Tom, my husband,  with his engineering background went to work with a blue print program.  We intend to tile the floors, add a product called cement fiber backboard because it is mold and mildew and moisture resistant, seal the outside, berm the dirt around the containers on three sides and lay a slab of "Lite Crete", which is light weight concrete on the roof.
The lines coming out of the sides of the front view are concrete retaining walls.  We also hope to add a patio eventually with a roof and screened in to keep out critters and insects.

Here is the floor plan and a drawing of the front which is the only area which will be exposed to the elements.

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  1. Well done. I did take the liberty of putting your address on my blog tonight. How long before the nest post??? December??? See you soon.