Sunday, January 30, 2011

Setting the Containers

We had a beautiful couple of days here in eastern Oklahoma and managed to get a few things done. We were supposed to get a dozer in, but at the last min we received a call saying they wouldn't be able to deliver the equipment, instead they sent us a mega-sized forklift, which Tom says turned out to be a blessing.  Tom and Ronnie got started moving the containers onto the concrete runners. They had to fine tune it a bit to get the containers lifted onto the concrete because there is a half foot drop to the ground. They decided to use old logs and planks.  Ronnie lifted the containers with the forklift while Tom pushed the logs under the container, which they then used to roll the containers into place in front of the footings. Then Ronnie began pushing the container back onto the runners with help from Tom and his tractor.

The Equipment....A mega Forklift

Push Me, Pull You...Ronnie is dragging the container while Tom helps by pushing the other end over the humps and bumps.

Lining up the containers so they can be lifted onto the footings, they placed a log under the container and then Ronnie rolled the container until it was lined up.


Lifting the containers, Tom placed planks under the container on each side and in the middle to keep it raised up and level with the footings.

With the container lifted onto the footings, Tom and Ronnie can now work it down to the end of the footings.

Putting a vapor barrier into place before the final shove to the end of the footing.

The first one in place, only two more to go.

It took Tom and Ronnie 4 hours to set the first container, 1 1/2 hours for the second and 45 minutes for the last.

Both Tom and Ronnie worked very hard to get the containers set into place in one day. It was dark by the time they finished. But they did a fine job. Next we move onto the welding part of the project.


  1. Nice work! Seems like the hard part is over. Now you can begin the fun part of turning them into your home.

  2. Wow what a job! It's starting to take shape now though!