Friday, February 18, 2011

The Roof, part 1

After a few false starts, the guys have managed to get things in order to start on the roof. The metal has been cut and they are starting to weld it into place so they can attach the roof. We've also had to purchase a new welder as the old one went belly up on us. After the welding is finished, Tom and Ronnie will start to attach the standard metal roof complete with trusses and insulation. We decided to go this route rather than a flat concrete roof due to the weight involved with the concrete when it is wet. More to come as we move along.

This is Ronnie welding the metal into place.

Tom bringing the trusses to the top of the containers.
Lifting the trusses onto the roof of the containers.
Trusses lined up.

Trusses being raised.

Leveling the trusses.

Almost finished!
Tom and Ronnie Video

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  1. Mary, you're too funny! Love all the credits! This is exciting (slow progress, but exciting none the less)