Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Updates...Kitchen and Ceiling

Well, both Tom and Ronnie have been hard at it.  Tom trying to finish off the ceiling and Ronnie in the kitchen.  With me painting whenever both are taking a day off.  They've gotten the boards (beam look) up in the livingroom and going into the bedroom.  I still have the bathroom door to finish, though I haven't decided for sure whether to stain or paint it white. I am planning on finishing the painting on the bottom cabinets in the kitchen this weekend, when Tom and Ronnie usually are not there. And there isn't any sawdust flying around to stick to the wet paint. Work ended early today, Tom and Ronnie had to go into Lowe's for supplies.

 Tom hard at work on the ceiling in the bedroom
Tom in the computer room putting up ceiling tiles.
Ronnie did a great job on my kitchen so far, didn't he?


  1. Hi,

    You have a great home there!

    I'm following your progress with great interest because I'm planning to build my own container home. I noticed that you opted to build a separate roof because the containers' light roof rails would not support much weight when the side walls were removed. I was wondering if it would work if the containers were to be turned upside down so that the heavier bottom rails (now on top) would support the roof when the walls are removed to join 2 containers. I live in the tropics so there's no snow to factor in. The weight of the container would rest on the 4 corner posts and the floor would rest on the foundation. Just an idea.

  2. Actually the container tops are supporting the metal roof.. after I cut the side walls out I bolted the one foot of metal that was left together to add strength. If you turned the containers upside down the wooden floors would be exposed. The only metal that is under the wood is just framing.

  3. I see. I had assumed there was a corrugated steel floor (under the framing) similar to the walls and roof. Thanks for your advice and good luck with finishing your home.