Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Outside--Screened Porch and Siding...Part One

It's been a wonderfully mild winter here in Eastern Oklahoma. And spring has arrived with some rain but mostly beautiful days in the 60s, 70s and 80s, a soft breeze blowing through which has been keeping things tolerable temperature-wise.

Tom however has been very busy with building my screened room and I am excited.  Both of us love sitting out in the evenings watching the stars, listening to the bullfrogs, crickets and other assorted creatures and talking....boring to most, I know, but it's our happy place.

Also we still needed to put up the siding on the front of the house to cover the metal of the containers.  The last two/three days Tom has been doing this while I have been painting the areas of the porch that will be exposed. I've chosen boring white again, but have done so to keep heat absorption down.

We have a bit more to go, but I wanted to get some pictures up for those following the blog.


  1. It's really looking nice over there. Always something to do, isn't there? Keep up the good work!


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  3. Hello, Is this structure a private dwelling or warehouse?

  4. Hi Mary! I am building a combo container house/stick house in Northern Wisconsin. Your insight is so helpful.

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